Put Christian Radio to work for your Business

WJCR strives to increase listener support and awareness throughout its immediate coverage area by continually seeking Underwriters in high traffic areas. It’s all part of the Christian Radio Advantage.


WJCR is a Regional Station and has been broadcasting 24 hours per day, seven days per week since February 1990.

WJCR reaches all of Central Kentucky and parts of 5 states serving a population of over 500,000.


Mostly Home Owners

More Spendable Income

Predominately over Age 35

Strong Loyalty to Businesses that Underwrite Christian Radio

Listeners seek out businesses that support Christian Radio when it comes time to buy

Highly Mobile with Varied Needs

No channel surfing.

Unlike most formats where the listener will go from station to station when commercials come on, Christian listeners stay tuned and pay attention.

Christian Listeners represent 71% of the total available audience**

** Gallup Poll Survey

Contact Don Powell Jr. for more information. – Email: donjrwjcr+yahoo+com Phone: 270.369.8614 | Toll Free: 1-888-444-1000